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Our business philosophy is a philosophy of commitment to promises, trust and relationships. Our satisfaction and motivation come from achieving our goals as we help you achieve yours. That is who we are – it is what matters to us.


TPMG’s strength is delivering business critical projects and to do this we must make decisions that are appropriate to your business. For that reason we believe it is critical for our team to take time to learn and understand your business, your values and your motivation. This knowledge, this insight, allows us to make timely project decisions that complement your strategy and vision.


Each project requires a unique combination of tools and processes. We work with you to select those tools and processes matching your workspace’s culture, values and complexity. We then combine those tools and processes with “just enough governance” to build motivated, high performing teams that are invested in project success.


Project success depends on the mindset of both the stakeholders and those at the coalface of project delivery. At TPMG, delivery of the best outcomes is driven by our selection of project team members from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. In such an environment, the process of overcoming the challenges to project success is enhanced by reflection and analysis from a range of perspectives. Our people are ethical, disciplined, pragmatic and committed to successful delivery. Challenges are approached logically and with analytical expertise so as to find and implement practical, real-world solutions.